In 1975, Juan Gonzalez Herrera (Founder), started a business with the vision to manufacture high quality and well engineered seats for the school furniture industry. In 1978 Mobiliario Seating became a trademark.

Mobiliario, through a hard work, empowered vision and technology, was quickly set as the number one Company in school furniture for the domestic market, being pioneer in plastic injection for this kind of product.

Mobiliario started exporting cinema seats in 1995-1996, obtaining business from the largest and number one rated cinema chain in United States, in less than two years.

The Company soon became a recognized worldwide trademark, synonym of quality and an important local employment source, with more than 900 people.

September 1997 was a difficult year, when fire spread around for about 12 hours destroying a great part of the factory. This event was a breakpoint , because no matter the huge economy lost; Mobiliario continued working hard to meet our customers needs and contracts in a timely manner. Mobiliario went further, reaching an international position in USA, Canada, Guatemala, Panama, Bolvia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile Argentina, Brasil, Dominican Republic, Salvador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Russia, Dubai, Hawaii, Belice, Curacao, Finland, England, Aruba, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Kazajaztan Republic, Ireland and Kuwait, to mention some of them.

In 1998 Juan Gonzalez Herrera passed away, leaving a running and productive Company on his wife’s management, Mrs. Sandra Gonzalez, who continued with the “The best quality” philosophy.

A new vision, but with same principles. Mobiliario obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification for all administrative and production areas in June 2005.

At the beginning of 2008 the stadium products were launched internationally, being installed in Stadiums at Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and some of them in USA where we can mention the Toyota Arena, but not before furnishing big stadiums in Mexico like: Jaguares, Necaxa, Cruz Azul, Santos, Indios, Pachuca, Toluca, Querétaro and many more, including the biggest and most important stadium in Mexico and maybe in all Latin America, the Azteca Stadium, where plastic bucket seats were installed in 2003.